Friday, January 9, 2015

You are my sunshine

The haps

"What's happening, mommy?" 
Here's whats goin on around here. 

1. It's a new year- get to squattin! Today was day 8, which is a rest day. So I did nothing and ate lots of cake haha. Tomorrow won't be as fun! Has anyone done one of these exercise challenges before? It's so New Years cliche I know, but in a way its kind of fun (and also terrible)!


2. I won this amaaazzzzinnnnggg giveaway on instagram! Chicky Pop has the flyest kids threads, and Riv is gonna look so dang cool. Ugh, so excited!! He dresses so much cooler than I do.

can you tell I was excited?

3. Sort of crushing on essential oils lately. I'm still not sure if its just the super trend of 2015 or if they really are some sort of life changing miracle oils but I'm excited to try them out. I got a pretty rad oil diffuser for Christmas and some oil samples and it's been fun. Maybe I'm nuts, but the first time I diffused Doterra's lavender oil I swear I about slumped over with tiredness. Problem was, the same didn't happen for Rivers and that made for a looong evening haha. It is nice smelling like a lemon though. I need to hit the lotto asap so I can afford to buy all the oils!

4. Words! Rivers started speech therapy with the 3 year old program and I love this therapist soooo much more than our last one! He just really clicks with this guy. This is the year that my baby is starting to talk and it's the most amazing thing I've ever experienced. The other day he told me, "Be careful out there mommy, snow can be tricky!" and my heart about melted. He is growing up every second! I think this will be a fun year for us! 

5. I'm still selling children's vintage clothing, toys, and books on instagram. It's a fun way to make a little extra cash and I loooooove finding new little thrift shops and searching for treasures. Funky little thrift bins and big old goodwills are my happy place. I have this secret wish that maybe I will find a ten carat gold ring or maybe an old Andy Warhol treasure somewhere and strike it rich! But really, I get just as excited to find some cool old school polly pockets or a toddler tee from 1970 with the A team on it. Check us out! @Riversthings and @Riversbooks. 

What's new with you?! I'm hoping to update here more often and to maybe network a bit more in'15!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Riv- isms

Rivers is talking so much now! Today he busted out all of the lyrics to "you are my sunshine" and my heart about exploded from the sweetness! I sort of love it when he can't quite get the word down though, and he makes one up in it's place. I need to document them here so I don't ever forget!

Riv-isms and their translations:

1. "Apple boom boom" - ice cream. I loooooooove this one!! He will say "mommy, please, apple boom boom please!" He said the words correctly the other day and I was almost sad about it haha!

2. Grumble D- grandma D. "Grumble D, please, Rivers want cake please"

3. "Apoltin / Apolte" - Chipotle. He kind of says it right now though too. But I'm still counting it.

There are so many more! Maybe I'll add the great ones as I remember them. I want Riv to see these one day :) I'm so proud of my baby boy! He's gone from being delayed in speech to a talking machine!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Tough guy

I have to share this amazing vintage leather jacket I thrifted for $2! How stinkin rad does Riv man look?! Bad to the bone! It was sort of tricky to get him to keep these shades on long enough for a pic! I bet this will come in handy for lots of DIY Halloween costume ideas soon! 

Monday, August 18, 2014

A Proper Photoshoot

A very talented friend of ours is starting her own photography business and asked us if we'd like her to take some photos of Riv for her website, and of course we said yes!!! I have thousands of iPhone photos of my baby but these professional shots are amazing! Beth and her husband spent an afternoon in our home snapping a few photos, and I couldn't be more pleased with how they came out. Plus- Riv is the cover baby for her "children" section of her website and that's pretty neat to see - haha! If you're a Pittsburgh local you need to check out her amazing work! Thank you so much Beth, I will treasure these photos forever! 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

vintage baby

These pictures are from a while ago, but they're too cute to not share. My love for vintage kids clothes and toys has never been deeper. I've been thrifting/ collecting/ selling kids vintage on my instagram shop @RiversThings for over a year now. It's a fun little way to pay some bills and find some cool treasures. This toy is the 1970 something Fisher Price Goldilocks and the three bears play set. I bought the dolls at an estate sale in Pittsburgh a while ago. A few weeks later I thrifted the actually doll house at a Pittsburgh thrift store. A match made in vintage fisher price heaven haha. Riv's outfit and cap is vintage too. My sweet little love. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Future artist

This is about the best $20 I've ever spent at target. Big pad of paper, crayola paint and chalk, and a pack of paint brushes. I was pretty terrified to let this one get near paint but it went so well! His new thing is wiping his wet hands all over the windows and saying "I paint"! I figured maybe he's trying to tell me something :) We had a great afternoon outside painting for real! And as a bonus this is a great sensory activity! Brushing the different bristles on your hands, brushing away chalk with water; he even let me paint his hands and stamp them on a picture he made for Seth for Father's Day. Check out our master pieces below!
aftermath- not bad !

"I paint" ha

When you're done you just walk off like a champ